Conservation & Preservation

Our Natural Environment

Mercey Hot Springs is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of our uniquely sensitive natural environment.

The resort is host to numerous birds, mammalian, and botanical species. As such we work with local biologists and botanists to ensure that our care, stewardship, and conservation of the land and its natural inhabitants is careful, measured and has the least amount of impact possible on the area you are visiting.

Over the nearly 3 decades of doing property clean up, repairing and enhancements to the resort, nearly 100 trees and shrubbery have been planted that has had a positive effect on the property’s ecology and overall habitat.

At Mercey there are no commercial utilities, so an extensive solar system has been installed that has reduced our use of a fossil fuel (diesel) generator to near zero helping us keep the air here very pure and clean. In fact, we have some of the cleanest air in California which can be checked at your convenience through our purple air sensor – click here to view our air quality. We are also migrating away from propane usage (where possible) and using mini-split air conditioners that provide cooling in the summer and heat in the winter – all powered by the sun.

mercey hills

As we’ve grown, these efforts have of course, had their costs to implement and maintain and we want to do even more than what has been accomplished so far. As may not be well understood or known though, being in a very remote area adds significantly to the burden of overhead for simple round trips to the closest town and beyond.

Although the rates we charge cover our operations, it’s not adequate for our environmental, conservation, and solar efforts.  We are therefore adding a $10 per night resort fee for all overnight stay reservations and a $5 fee for each day use reservation. The fee is per reservation, not per person and the funds derived from this fee will go directly to the costs of implementing additional habitat protection, educational services, and minimization of environmental impacts.

At Mercey you can guarantee that you are contributing to:

  • Clean energy
  • Environmental conservation
  • Wildlife protection, particularly endangered species specific to our region, including the San Joaquin Kit Fox, Giant Kangaroo Rat, Blunt Nosed Leopard Lizard and San Joaquin Antelope Squirrel

mhs animals

We certainly appreciate your understanding and willingness to help us make Mercey Hot Springs the best, environmentally conscientious hot springs resort in California.

Thank you for your continued support,
Larry, Grazyna, and the entire staff


9 AM – 8 PM (daily)

(Thanksgiving Day,
Christmas Eve,
Christmas Day,
& New Year’s Eve)
9 AM – 4 PM

12 PM – 5 PM

9 PM – 8 AM

Newly enforced NO PET policy.
CA Service Dog laws apply.

Mercey Hot Springs is
a Non Smoking Resort.

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