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Mercey Hot Springs welcomes people of all ages from families with children to adults traveling alone. We have created a peaceful atmosphere where diversity can co-exist for an array of cultural backgrounds from international guests to visiting locals. In order to achieve such an environment, we have established these guidelines for the benefit and safety of all who visit. Additionally, there are local and state laws that we must follow. As appropriate, we have posted signs in various areas and greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in abiding by them. To ensure a wonderful experience at Mercey Hot Springs, we encourage you to read through the guidelines, policies and activities on our website prior to your arrival. Albeit rare, on the occasions that these guidelines are persistently not followed, we may require the guests to leave and their payment will be forfeited in full.

Mercey Hot Springs is privately owned and the management reserves the right to refuse entry or use of the facilities.

Management assumes no liability for loss or damage to property and/or injury incurred by use of the facilities or being on the property.

Campers, renters and all other users of the property and facilities are liable for all property damages.

Travel trailers, pickup campers, tents and motorhomes only. Camping vehicles must be of suitable appearance, meet Department of Health standards and be highway approved. All recreational vehicles must have certification of the controlling agency in the state of manufacture. Pickup mounted campers must remain on the truck.

No long term tenancy!


9 AM to 8 PM (daily)


12 PM to 5 PM (by Reservation Only – please call between 9 AM & 8 PM)

(1/2 Day-Use guests must leave by 5 PM!)

 – Guests who have overnight reservations may arrive as early as 2:00 PM and use the hot spring facilities at no extra charge. However, their reserved accommodations (cabins, airstreams, tiny hideaway, and walkabout) may not be available until 3:00 PM. Mercey Hot Springs’ staff will make every effort to get the guest’s accommodations ready as soon as possible and will inform the guests and provide keys (when they are required) when it is ready for them. Camping and RV guests may occupy their site as soon as 2:00 PM.

Early arrivals can be arranged (ahead of time) by paying an additional $10 fee, per person, per hour, before 2:00 PM.

 – All “reserved” sites and accommodations must be vacated no later than 11:00 AM. However guests may remove their belongings, re-park their vehicles and continue to use the facilities up until 2:00 PM at no extra charge. Unless previous arrangements have been made, late departures (after 2:00 PM) will incur a ½ day-use-rate at the normal fee and may be charged automatically without prior notice.
It is the responsibility of our guests to know what time it is.

Extended stays can be arranged (ahead of time) by paying an additional ½ day-use-fee.

 – All visitors, regardless of what facilities they intend to use, must register in the office with a day-use pass. No “Observing” of friends or family while they are using the pool, tubs or bath house facilities is allowed. Exceptions will be made for guests needing assistance.

 – Taking into consideration the diversity of our guests and the physical layout of the resort, Mercey Hot Springs has established certain areas that are optional for clothing. These areas include the private indoor rooms with soaking tubs (in the bath house) and the therapeutic hot tubs in the cabin area Although a very short distance, we still ask that guests cover up when walking to-and-from the clothing-optional tub areas and cabins.

 – As with everywhere in the world, nature never takes a break at Mercey; winter and spring are the most notable seasons with the annual migration of many species of birds as well as the emergence of frogs and toads that are coming out during the rainy season. Coyotes can often be heard at night in the surrounding hills, the distinct sound of a Raven’s flapping wings arouses your attention as you see them purposefully flying off to some unknown destination and then, without any effort you find yourself drifting off into a deep sleep as the sound of wind slipping through the trees lulls your thoughts into pleasant dreams. Sleeping in, reading, or just simply daydreaming with the abundant (yet natural) sounds are just a few of the pleasures you can experience while visiting Mercey Hot Springs.

 – In addition to the healing water, another gift of nature at Mercey Hot Springs is the near total absence of noise and rarely do you hear any vehicle traffic or aircraft noise. It’s important to differentiate QUIET TIME versus QUIET AREAS.

 – refers to when unnecessarily high volumes of conversation(s) or other noise would adversely affect areas such as cabins, Airstreams, Walkabout (group house), Phoenix (common area), Camping and RV sites. We ask that all guests consciously keep in mind to reduce conversational volume so that they won’t adversely affect their neighbors. We also ask that guests not run their vehicles for extended lengths of time especially early in the morning or later at night. In regard to RV’s, although we provide limited electrical power for a fixed daily rate, we DO NOT allow generators to be run.

For the comfort of all, quiet time is from 9 PM to 8 AM

 – refers to the Swimming Pool, Therapeutic Hot Tubs (public – outdoor) and Bath House (private – indoor). These are areas where we ask that all guests keep any and all talking just above a whisper and refrain from group conversations, story-telling and other discussions at all times.

 – The use of Car Stereos, AM/FM Radios, Boom Boxes, Bose Stereos or any other type of Electronic or Amplified Music is not allowed. However, the use of iPods or other similar devices are permitted with headphones or ear buds. Please remember to keep volumes low enough so as not to disturb your neighbors.

 – Playing of Acoustic instruments such as guitars, banjos, ukuleles and wind instruments such as flutes, clarinets, etc. are allowed from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM. All other instruments including drums, bongos and brass instruments are not allowed unless prior arrangements have been made with the management.
Regardless of the actual Quiet Hours, Please respect your neighbors.

 – Glass bottles or alcohol of any kind are not allowed in the Pool, Hot Tub, and Bath House areas. Plastic bottles and metal thermoses are certainly OK.

 – No food consumption of any kind, (chips, fruit, melons, sandwiches, crackers, cheese, etc.) is allowed in the Pool, Hot Tub, Bath House, and Phoenix areas. Please enjoy your food in a designated area such as your accommodation or one of our many picnic tables.

 – No oils of any kind are allowed in the Pool and Hot Tub areas.

 – Mercey Hot Springs is a non-smoking facility and we ask that guests refrain from burning incense and / or smoking of any substance while on the property. A fee of $200 will be automatically charged to a guest’s Credit Card on file for evidence of smoking or incense burning in any cabin, airstream, restrooms or other common-area building.

 – Guests are welcome to bring Coleman or similar type camp stoves as well as small Barbecues or Hibachi’s to cook their meals. There are two Free-to-Use, propane grills next to the Phoenix (common area) that is available 24-hours every day. Please DO NOT take food into Phoenix. We also have a large barbecue that can be made available for groups however arrangements must be made in advance for its use.

 – Campfires are NOT allowed during summer months however, they are allowed during the colder seasons and may only be in designated fire pits. If a fire pit is NOT in your campsite, please do not start a fire. If in doubt, PLEASE CHECK WITH THE OFFICE PRIOR TO STARTING ANY CAMPFIRE!

 – Mercey is a pet-free zone and pets may not be tied up or left in vehicles. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, we allow service dogs. The owner must state what service the animal performs. We do not admit companion or emotional support animals.

 – Please have a member of your party or one of our staff members assist you with parking in your assigned RV site. Damage to any park equipment will be your responsibility. Please park only one RV and car or pickup per site. Additional vehicles must be parked in the parking area.

 – Use only approved RV jacks to set up trailers and campers; cinder blocks, bricks and other devices may not be used however ramps for leveling your RV may be used.

 – Guns, firearms, bow and arrows or weapons of any kind are not allowed on the premises.

 – Fireworks are not allowed on the premises.

 – Camp in prepared sites only. Please do not move picnic tables or trash cans. Speed limit is 5 M.P.H.

 – Please do not ride motorcycles in the park except when entering or leaving. Motorcycles are NOT allowed on any of the trails.

 – Please keep all vehicles on roadways and parking areas. Washing of cars, Recreational Vehicles, Trailers and Motorcycles is not allowed. Minor maintenance such as checking and topping off fluid levels is allowed however.

 – Please respect the land by keeping your site clean and orderly. Place all trash in containers provided at designated areas. If trash containers become full, please inform the office so they can be emptied.

 – Please honor our quiet areas and observe all rules in the pool and soaking tubs. No Running, Diving, Cannonballs, Squirt Guns, Frisbees, Balls or Flotation Rafts.

Yes, we have established a few simple rules including quiet-times (as specified below) that are always in effect unless you have reserved the resort exclusively. For the benefit and enjoyment of everyone;
No amplified music of any kind – earbuds only please and the volume must be low enough so that other guests cannot hear your music.
No musical instruments of any kind are allowed in the pool & tub areas.
Tubs are for rest and relaxation but NOT a place to party or have conversations. Please keep talking volume low at all times.
The pool closes at 9 PM and children are NOT allowed in the pool before 9 AM
There is to be No smoking of any substance anywhere on the property.
You may, of course take thermoses or plastic bottles with you while using the tubs and pool.

 – Parents and guardians are responsible for any damage caused by their children that occur anywhere on the Mercey Hot Springs property. Additionally, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children abide by the following guidelines and all CHILDREN under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult at the pool and hot tubs at all times. Parents cannot watch their children (that are 12 years old or younger) from the hot tub area regardless of how much swimming training and experience the children have. Children are NOT allowed in the clothing optional area even if the parents are OK with them being around guests where nudity is allowed.

 – Infants are allowed in the pool and hot tubs as long as they are wearing swimmy diapers. Especially important for brand new parents! Regular, non-cloth diapers are absolutely forbidden in the pool and tubs as they completely disintegrate when fully saturated with water; cleaning the pool takes HOURS to get the little pieces of floating debris out of the water.

 – Due to the diversity of guests using the pool, its’ limited size and for the enjoyment of all, we ask that the following items not be taken into the pool: Balls, Squirt guns, Frisbees, Flotation mattresses, inner-tubes, etc. However, we allow Goggles, Snorkels and Fins while flotation devices such as arm style swimmies and life vests are highly recommended for young children. Flotation noodles are provided however no guest may use more than two at a time. Parents must ensure that their children DO NOT use the noodles in inappropriate manners; i.e. hitting other children, slapping the noodles on the water, tying them in knots, or hoarding them such that other guests don’t have any left to use.

We hope this page has been helpful in answering any questions or concerns you may have regarding the guidelines for your complete enjoyment at Mercey Hot Springs. Albeit lengthy at times, our guidelines have been developed and improved upon over time by trial and error and are put in place to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience at Mercey Hot Springs. In abiding by them, you greatly contribute to the peace and tranquility for yourself and other guests. If you have further questions regarding our guidelines, please feel free to send us an email to or call us at (209) 826-3388 (between 9 AM and 8 PM) and ask for a manager.


9 AM – 8 PM (daily)

(Thanksgiving Day,
Christmas Eve,
Christmas Day,
& New Year’s Eve)
9 AM – 4 PM

12 PM – 5 PM

9 PM – 8 AM

Newly enforced NO PET policy.
CA Service Dog laws apply.

Mercey Hot Springs is
a Non Smoking Resort.

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