Green Philosophy


Our Resort Philosophy

Mercey Hot Springs is located in an area of California where no commercial utilities of any kind are available and the expense of bringing them to the resort is cost prohibitive. In order to create sufficient electrical power to operate the resort, an ecologically friendly (hybrid) electrical power system has been installed. This system is comprised of three arrays of solar panels that produce a combined total of 8 kilowatts of free electricity per hour during a sunny day. All of this electrical power is used to run the resort’s infrastructure as well as charging batteries for use at night or when we experience low-light cloudy days.

Although the resort still relies on diesel fuel for a generator that supplies supplemental and backup power, the solar system currently provides nearly 80% of the resort’s power requirements. In the future, the entire solar system will be expanded so that all electrical power is derived from the sun with enough capacity to not only run the resort, but also charge batteries in electric vehicles and power tools. Even running landscaping tools such as electric chain saws that are clean, quiet and efficient can be incorporated into our environmentally friendly system based on clean energy from the sun.

In addition to our solar energy system, we seek every opportunity possible to support companies dedicated to producing products that are environmentally friendly. Since 1996, Mercey has been using products developed by Shaklee Corporation, a US based company that continually invests a substantial amount of their resources into product development. Their broad spectrum of soaps, detergents and cleansers provides us with many of the best eco-friendly products available today and we’re always pleased to hear from guests that our linens and towels create no adverse reactions for those who have certain allergies or sensitive skin. Always seeking to expand on our philosophy of eco-friendliness, we are currently searching for paints, finishes and other materials to ensure all of our future renovation projects are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Guests often ask if Mercey has been affected by California’s drought and we’re happy to say that we haven’t experienced any reduced flow in the hot spring source. Even so, we realize the water is a precious resource that needs to be utilized as efficiently as possible and, as financial resources permit, systems are being put in place to capture overflow water from the pool and tubs that can then be used for heating buildings in the winter as well as watering plants and trees that grow well with the mineral-rich water. With a high content of silica, borate, sodium and chloride, only certain trees and plants can thrive. Among those we’ve identified thus far include Eucalyptus and Pepper trees as well as Date and Mexican Palms. Currently, rain-water collection systems are being implemented and with the vast square footage of roofs, it is expected that anywhere from 3,000 gallons (in the driest winters) to over 10,000 gallons in an average winter can be collected and stored. Most of this water will be used for on-site food production.


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Newly enforced NO PET policy.
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Mercey Hot Springs is
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